The Bells are Silenced (for Now)

Remembering 80 Years of Service

March 14, 2021

After the 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday, March 14, 2021, the steeple bells rang one last time – 80 times, in fact, once for each year the sanctuary has been in service (1942 to 2021.)   A crowd gathered inside and outside the church to hear the bells peel.  At the end a smattering of applause broke out as both church members and a few community members in attendance shared stories about hearing the bells from their homes over the years.  A new bell system will be installed as part of the renovated sanctuary and steeple.

Community Feedback on Nextdoor

I absolutely love the sound of those bells!

D. Koublitsky

I will miss the bells! They always ignite joy in my heart when I hear them. My kids would count the hours when they were little.

C. Geller

I will miss hearing the bells. I can hear them from my house and I just find it comforting.

V. Thomas

I love to hear the bells as they sound off the hours throughout the day. I look forward to hearing their Sunday “send off” and for their return in the near future.

N. Merchant

I really love to hear the church bells ring and the train blowing it’s horn. These are very comforting sounds.

D. Marrich

I have enjoyed these bells during the pandemic from home and out on walks. I will miss them and look forward to enjoying them again in person in the new sanctuary

K. Bloink