Construction Updates

The latest information on the Sacred Space Construction

What’s New This Week? 08-01-22 to 08-15-22

Organ installation and voicing continues in early August.

Redeemer Columbarium Complete

Newly relocated, enlarged columbarium sparkles on east side of Redeemer.

Casavant Organ Installation Proceeds Smoothly

Installation of our new Casavant organ is more than halfway complete.

What’s New This Week? 07-16-22 to 07-31-22

Organ installation, final landscape work and the punch list on tap for late July.

Redeemer Landscape Work Nearly Complete

Trees, shrubs, lawn all installed around Redeemer.

Casavant Organ Arrives at Redeemer

Thousand of crated organ parts arrive on site for installation.

Construction Fence Down; Landscaping Proceeds

Removal of the construction fence marks a symbolic milestone for the project.

Installation of Casavant Organ to Begin July 12, 2022

Our new Casavant organ is ready to ship to Redeemer for installation.

What’s New This Week? 07-01-22 to 07-15-22

Landscape work well underway.  Construction Fence to come down shortly.