Redeemer Columbarium Complete

Redeemer Columbarium Relocation Complete

Additional Niches Added to New East Side Location

The Redeemer columbarium has been relocated to the east side of the sanctuary.  The new location is adjacent to the existing Redeemer prayer garden.   Thirty two additional niches have been added, including niches along the east wall of the new sanctuary.  Initial comments from members suggest the new location appears larger, brighter and more visible from inside and outside the sanctuary.

Relocation work inside the columbarium is complete.  Punch list work that remains includes some small granite work and caulk, flower bed planting, flag pole installation and a final general cleanup.  Outside the columbarium the prayer garden is receiving a “refresh” after having been tucked inside the construction fence for nearly 18 months.  Memorial benches and new lamp posts will also be placed along the sidewalk between the columbarium and the prayer garden.

Planning is underway for an early afternoon prayer service for family members that will have loved ones in the new columbarium.  The date for this outdoor service is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 2, pending final arrangements.  That same Sunday during worship the columbarium and her saints will be remembered and worshippers that day will be invited out to the new columbarium after services.


For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.  Matthew 24:27