Welcome to Sacred Space

Sacred Space is Redeemer's capital stewardship campaign. Its core is a spiritual journey that aims to enhance the historical church building which fuels our mission and ministry.

As we expand our facility, so that all may find a place at His table, our mission and ministry remain the same — to offer a church and worship experience that enables us to reach our community in ways that help Jesus to touch lives and change lives. 

Whether you are interested in our new worship space, our expanded children’s area or our new pipe organ and music space, we have photos, videos, renderings — and of course our live construction cam — that will allow you to share in our journey.

View Our Construction Cams

You can watch every minute of construction on our two live construction cams.  Cam #1 is mounted on the chapel, looking west.  And Cam #2 is mounted on the music wing, looking south.  Check out all the action.




Parking, Entry, Safety Bulletins

Wondering which doors and driveways to use? Want more information on the construction logistics? Click the button below.

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The Latest Construction Updates

Get the most up-to-date information on the construction of our new sanctuary, including pictures and videos.

Sacred Space Events

Here are the upcoming events at Sacred Space.

Beam Signing

September 12, 2021

And each of you will have the same opportunity to place your best wishes, favorite Bible verse and signature on the steel beam that will span …

Cornerstone Laying

To Be Announced

Later this year we will lay a new 2021 cornerstone and you will have a chance to add a note to the time capsule …

Dedication and Grand Opening

Spring 2022

The morning will include worship services and an open house throughout the morning with tours, food and drink, and special musical performances…