Casavant Organ Installation Proceeds Smoothly

Organ Installation More Than Halfway Complete

Visible Facade Pipes Installed in Chancel

Installation of our new Casavant organ has proceeded according to plan.  After an initial delay in transport, the team of four installers has worked six days a week to keep the installation project on schedule.  The physical installation is scheduled to be complete on Friday, August 5, 2022.  Then a different team will arrive to voice and tune our new instrument.

Many important milestones have been achieved to date:

  • All the various support structures and windchests have been installed
  • The organ blower has been installed and wired
  • Electrical wiring and controls have been installed
  • The very largest wood and metal pipes have been installed
  • Many of the volume-control louvers have been installed
  • The six large wood casements have been installed
  • All thirty of the visible facade pipes have been installed.

Still, with nearly 1,900 pipes to be installed, there is much work to be done.  Installation of the smaller pipes is relatively straightforward, but “integration” testing between the various systems: electrical, mechanical, etc. remains to be accomplished.  The organ console itself will be assembled and connected near the end of next week.  The plan is to complete the physicial installation by August 5 to that the voicing and tuning may proceed the week following.


Casavant Opus No. 3944 Installation

Six white casements with wood trim are hung on each side of the chancel cross.  Supports inside the casements keep the large metal pipes perfectly balanced.  Air is supplied from the bottom of the pipe.

A series of shutters, are installed behind the acoustically transparent screens.  Because the supplied air pressure is constant, the louvers are used to control volume on the instrument.

The thirty visible facade pipes inside the casements were installed on July 29 and 30.  These easily marked pipes are temporarily covered in blue plastic and only handled with “white gloves”.