Pipe Organ Crafted in Quebec Canada

Pipe Organ Constructed in Montreal

Organ Chamber in Birmingham Takes Shape

Our beautiful new pipe organ is already being constructed by skilled Casavant Freres craftsmen.  The Casavant workshop is in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, 35 miles east of Montreal.  Construction of the organ console and the pipe organ itself requires wood, metal, music and architectural trades people with skills in carpentry, cabinetmaking, foundry, tinsmithing, packaging, and of course music harmonization and church architecture.

The entire organ will be assembled, played and tuned in Saint-Hyacinthe before it is disassembled, packaged and shipped to Redeemer.  It will be reassembled in it’s permanent Redeemer home once all sanctuary construction is complete and a clean, dust-free environment is available to the installers and tuners.

The second floor organ chamber at the back of the chancel, home of the new pipe organ, is well underway.  Detailed plans have been exchanged between the Sacred Space architect, construction manager and organ builder, to assure that the organ in Quebec will fit perfectly in Birmingham, Michigan.  Recommendations from Casavant and an acoustic engineer helped guide construction of the organ chamber.  An example includes the installation of two layers of rigid cement board that line the inside of the organ chamber.

The unfinished wood organ console will be painted white with stained caps.

The pipe organ is being entirely assembled, first in Montreal.

Louvers, which sit just behind the chancel screen, help control the organ volume.

Pieces of the pipe organ are ready to be assembled in the Casavant workshop.

Casings which house the visible pipes are stained and ready for paint.

The organ chamber lies above and directly behind the back chancel wall.

The second floor chamber is divided into three acoustic rooms.

Acoustics suggest the organ chamber be covered in two layers of cement board.

Narrow doors provide a passage between organ chamber rooms.