What’s New This Week? 01-16-22 to 01-31-22

What's Happening January 16 - 31, 2022?

New Roof Accelerates Work Inside Sanctuary

Progress was visible both inside and outside Redeemer in early January.

  • On the exterior, the most notable work involved the shingling of the entire sanctuary roof, gables and front porch, as well as the expanded music wing.  The roofers also removed and replaced the existing shingled roof over the chapel, office wing and kitchen.  The aluminum facia boards and gutters / downpouts remain to be done.
  • Also on the exteior, work continues on the soffits, fascia and frieze trim around the entire sanctuary, including the narthex gables and front porch.  This “white” trim is nearly complete.  The gable end caps will follow.  Caulk and painting can only occur during warmer weather.
  • The masons are reaching the end of their work.  Two areas remain:  installing “thin” bricks on the sanctuary above the music wing, and completing the west and south walls of the music wing expansion.  The masons have had to work under heated tarps on days when the temperature drops well below freezing.  The masons also will “clean” all the exterior brick when their work is complete.
  • Inside the sanctuary the first of two ceilings has been partially installed.  This first ceiling provides fire protection and is installed on the trusses, just below the insulation.  A second, finished ceiling, with a curved “barrel” design will follow. 
  • Inside rough framing will also continue with the installation of soffits, light cove and HVAC attic space along both side of the sanctuary.
  • Installation of insulation, on both exterior walls and interior walls is complete.  This now allows drywall installation and taping to proceed in the lower level and in the sanctuary throughout January.  
  • HVAC ducts are partially installed in both the lower level and in the sanctuary.  Long ducts that run the length of the sanctuary are visible on the construction cam.  These ducts are hidden above the ceiling and inside attic space.  This work will continue in January.
  • Fire suppression rough work is complete in the lower level and will now begin in the sanctuary.  These pipes will run below the fire ceiling and above the finished ceiling. 
  • Rough electrical work continues in both the town square and the sanctuary.  Their work involves making the necessary connections to the existing building electrical service and finishing all in-wall conduits and boxes before in-wall rough inspection occurs.

Finish Installing Exterior Building Trim

  • Install soffit, fascia and frieze trim around sanctuary roofline, narthex gables, front porch

Finish Laying Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Complete installation of “thin” brick on sanctuary west wall (above music wing)
  • Complete finish brick on west and south walls of expanded music wing
  • Weather permitting, clean all brick

Continue Rough Framing in Sanctuary

  • Soffit and light cove inside column line on either side of sanctuary
  • HVAC attic space outside column line on either side of sanctuary
  • Finished “barrel” ceiling the entire length of sanctuary

Continue Electrical Work in Sanctuary and Town Square

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and town square

Continue HVAC Duct Work in Sanctuary and Lower Level

Begin Instllation of Fire Suppression Lines in Sanctuary

  • Install piping below fire ceiling and above finished “barrel” ceiling

Continue Installing Drywall in Lower Level Rooms

  • Install drywall over insulation on all interior walls
  • Tape, mud and sand all drywall

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