Lower Level Rooms Take Shape

Drywall, Tape and Mud Completed in Lower Level

Classrooms, Fellowship Hall, Resource Center Take Shape

Outside the view of our balcony construction camera, work continues on the lower level.  The walls have been framed and all rough electrical and plumbing is complete.  With an in-wall inspection sign-off, drywall has been hung throughout the lower level.  Tape and mud has been applied and sanded throughout the lower level.  Fire suppression lines have been hung from the ceiling.  Furnaces have been installed in the lower level furnace room.  Some HVAC duct work is installed with the fellowship hall yet to be completed.  Over the nex two weeks the walls will receive a coat of primer paint.

The bridal lounge is to the right and the classroom hallway is to the left.

One of six classrooms.  The door to the left is an in-room bathroom.

The main classroom hallway, with three classrooms on each side.

Two of the four furnace / air handling units on the lower level.

The “window” between these two units will be a grill for air flow.

HVAC ducts in the middle of the fellowship hall await installation.