Drywall Installed Throughout New Sanctuary

Drywall Installation Begins in Sanctuary

Drywall hung throughout chancel, nave and balcony.

With framing nearly complete, much of the carpentry crew turned their attention to hanging drywall in the new sanctuary.  The outside walls were covered with two layers of drywall to improve the room acoustics for the new pipe organ.  The interior chancel walls were covered on the inside walls.  The back sides will be completed once the final in-wall inspections are finalized for electrical.  Work is well underway in the balcony as well.  The ceiling work will begin shortly, once the final inspections are agreed for fire suppression and HVAC.


Stacks of 5/8″ drywall (4’x8′ and 4’x12′) are shipped to the site, as needed.

Work begins, hanging drywall on the outside walls of the new sanctuary.

The chancel walls are covered with drywall; cutouts expose the HVAC vents.

Drywall runs to the top of the wall.  The soffit ceilings will be done last.

A long ceiling slot provides a discrete cove for special chancel lights.

Steel columns are boxed on the bottom, with tapered cylindrical columns above.

Two layers of drywall are installed to improve the pipe organ’s acoustics.

An attic hatch is installed to provide access to the electric chandelier lift.

Work will soon begin installing curved drywall on the vaulted ceiling.