Music Wing Foundations Excavated, Poured

Work Begins on New Music Rooms

Outline of Foundation Takes Shape

The first work on the new music wing expansion began on Monday, September 20, 2021.  Several new rooms are being added to the music (west) wing, including a second rehearsal room, an instrument/sheet music storage room, a small robing room and a chair storage room.  The expansion also includes a new (same level / no steps) hallway to the sanctuary.

The initial work this week involved measuring, outlining and excavating the foundations for the new expansion, which lies immediately south of the current music wing.  On the west side of the expansion a new exterior door is framed by two columns that support a covered porch.  The excavations for the walls, porch and columns were all immediately filled with steel reinforced concrete.  The next day masons began to build the block walls that rest on the foundations and connect to the new sanctuary.

The old music door sidewalk was removed before excavation began.

A new hallway (center, between wall and excavation) leads directly to the sanctuary.

The outline of a second, new rehearsal room begins to take shape.

Concrete is poured directly from the truck into steel reinforced trenches.

The trenches are lined to hold their shape while the concrete hardens.

Steel rebar protrudes from the newly poured concrete foundations.

A square, four bolt, anchor pad (foreground) will support a porch column.

Masons began to assemble the block walls soon after the foundations were set.

Working to beat the rain (again), different crews work in, and outside the sanctuary.