What’s New This Week? 03-16-22 to 03-31-22

What's Happening March 16 - 31, 2022?

Sanctuary Drywall Nearly Complete. Lower Level Receives Finishes

Work continued on the Redeemer exterior during the first half of March.  

  • With work on the new roof above the expanded music wing nearly complete, two large air handling units were installed using a 40-ton crane.  Large HVAC ducts that connect these units to the lower level furnace room can now be installed.  Also, work needed to connect ground level A/C condensers on the west side of the sanctuary began.  This work will continue in March.
  • Exterior work on the extended storm water system occurred on both the east and west side of the sanctuary trenching storm drains, installing storm basins and connecting the entire storm water system.  Rough grading was also undertaken.
  • The exterior red brick was cleaned in mid March.  Two days of unseasonably warm weather allowed cleaning spray and scrubbing to occur on the recently laid brick.  This cleaning removed excess mortar leaving a more uniform red brick color around the building.
  • Work continues on exterior trim.  All weather board was added to the underside of the front porch.  White aluminum fascia trim, gutters and downspouts will be installed later in March.
  • The semi-circular tops for the six large sanctuary windows will be installed in the second half of March.  The window company installed a prototype on the west side.  Final field dimensions has allowed fabrication to proceed.  

The interior of the sanctuary  has seen a great deal of activity.  Multiple teams have all been working side by side during March. 

  • A team of carpenters has completed the rough framing throughout the sanctuary, including the organ chamber, chancel, nave soffits and light cove, balcony and narthex.  Framing the curved, vaulted ceiling is also complete. 
  • Most of the drywall has now been installed in the sanctuary.  Two layers of drywall were installed on the ceiling and outside walls for improved organ acoustics.  Only the narthex ceiling and underside of the balcony remain to be drywalled.  At the same time, virtually all the tape, mud and sand work has been completed with the team working six-day weeks.
  • Prior to completing drywall, conduits, cables and wires for  audio/visual/lighting were installed so that sound system speakers, ministry monitors, worship cameras and microphones would be as unobtrusive as possible.
  • The finish carpenters that will install wood trim throughout the sanctuary are now on-site full-time.  The delivery of more than 70 doors has allowed the first doors to be hung in the sanctuary.  This team is also working on the installation of the interior columns, the integration of the town square ceiling and columns and preparation work for the chancel paneling.
  • Steelworkers have completed steel details around the sanctuary, including the support structure for the communion rail, a “ship’s ladder” which leads to the second story organ chamber, and exit stairwell emergency gates from the lower level.
  • Fire suppression rough work in the sanctuary is nearly complete.  Sprinkler heads have been installed throughout and the system is being pressure tested at each step in the installation process.
  • Rough electrical work in the sanctuary is also nearly complete.  Final rough lighting fixtures are being installed in the ceiling of the chancel, balcony and narthex.  
  • The HVAC duct work is nearly complete.  Final duct work on the two hallways that lead to the sanctuary are all that remains to complete.   

The lower level is generally ahead of the pace upstairs in the sanctuary.  All drywall has received final paint colors.  The various teams have moved on to finish work.

  • Interior doors have been hung and painted throughout the lower level.  The doors are generally white, six panel to match our colonial style, with certain doors having window lights (e.g. classrooms, hallway doors.)
  • The installation of tile in the lower-level bathrooms (bridal lounge, children’s rooms, public bathrooms) is nearly complete.  Tile floors, tile baseboards, and (where applicable) tile walls are all in neutral colors. This work will conclude in March.
  • Finish electrical work is well underway, including installation of finish light fixtures, wall switches, exit signs, etc.  The bright colors in the classrooms, obscured by harsh construction lighting, is now evident with the classroom light fixtures installed.  Room occupancy sensors for lighting are standard throughout the lower level for added safety and efficiency.
  • Fire suppression sprinkler heads have been installed throughout the lower level.

Complete Drywall in Sanctuary and Music Wing Expansion

  • Complete drywall installation in narthex ceiling and underside of balcony
  • Complete tape, mud and sanding throughout

Begin Finish Carpentry Work

  • Town square integration (ceiling, soffits, columns)
  • Chancel paneling
  • Interior sanctuary columns
  • Communion Rail

Continue Rough Electrical Work in Sanctuary, Finish Work in Lower Level

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and narthex

Continue HVAC Work in Sanctuary and Lower Level

  • Install remaining ducts in sanctuary and narthex
  • Complete installation of HVAC units in lower-level furnace room
  • Install music wing furnace

Complete Roof Over Expanded Music Wing and Connect Air Handling Units

Complete Installation of Fire Suppression Lines in Sanctuary

Complete Tile Installation in All Lower-level Bathrooms

Complete Exterior Fascia, Gutter and Downspout Work

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