What’s New This Week? 09-01-21 to 09-15-21

What's Happening September 1 - 15, 2021?

Block walls soon to rise from foundation walls.

The end of August saw a final topping of smooth concrete poured across the entire church floor.  Combined with the foundation walls and steel columns, Redeemer is now ready to begin building “up, and out of the dirt”.  The next major milestone will see masons arriving on site to begin erecting the structural block walls (the Redeemer “red bricks” will come later.)   

With the lower level foundational work complete, work can also begin downstairs installing the various services (electrical, HVAC ducts, fire sprinkling, etc.)   This work will occur all during the month of September, with electrical beginning this week.  A critical step is getting the new sanitary lines that exit on the south end of the building attached to the city line that runs under West Maple Road.  This will require significant trenching around the circle drive.

Weather permitting, we may even see the start of the foundations that will outline of the new music wing expansion on the west side of the sanctuary. 

Complete Waterproofing and Backfill

  • Complete installation of waterproof board on the exterior of the foundation walls.
  • Complete backfill of appropriate soils around foundation walls.
  • Test each layer of soil to assure proper support for the new building.

Install Steel Stairs Inside Northeast Stairwell

Continue Electrical Work on Lower Level

  • Install temporary LED work lights for work crews
  • Install electrical conduit in lower level

Connect Building Sanitary Line to City Line

  • Dig trench from south basement wall, southward, towards West Maple Road
  • Lay pipe and level for proper drainage; connect to building exit pipe
  • When complete, run blast test to clean and assure proper functioning

Build New Block Walls Around Church Foundation

  • Begin erecting masonry block walls, beginning with west church wall
  • Lay block on top of foundation walls, using steel rebar embedded in foundation walls

Excavate, Form and Pour Foundations for Music Wing Expansion (weather permitting)

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