What’s New This Week? 09-16-21 to 09-30-21

What's Happening September 16 - 30, 2021?

Masons Continue Work on Block Walls.

While every step of the construction process to date has been of equal importance, perhaps none has been more visible than the construction of the first large section of block wall along the west side of the new sanctuary.  Masons have been building the 8″ thick block walls, reinforced with steel rebar and poured grout (cement).  The three large windows that grace each side of the sanctuary are now clearly visible on the west wall.  Likewise, in the narthex (front lobby), a door and two windows (on two levels) are also now visible.

During the second half of September, the team of masons, working from their portable hydraulic lifts (scaffolding), will next proceed to the east wall, and then eventually move to the south (front) wall of the new sanctuary.  The front wall of the church is 12″ thick block wall, to support steel beams that run north-south across the front porch and narthex.  Schedule and weather permitting, the remaining steel inside the sanctuary will begin installation at the end of September.

Also during the second half of September, the team that excavated and poured the main sanctuary footings will return to excavate, form and pour the footings for the new music wing expansion on the west side of the sanctuary, as well as the footings for the new front porch that will support the porch canopy and four colonial columns.

Build New Block Walls Around Church Foundation

  • Build east wall, to match west wall; then proceed to front (south) wall
  • Same process: block on top of foundation walls, using steel rebar embedded in walls
  • Mason lintels on curved windows and steel lintels on doors and other windows

Continue Electrical Work on Main Level

  • Embed all electrical conduit and boxes required in block walls
  • Includes all wall outlets, switches, exit signs, etc.

Excavate, Form and Pour Remaining Footings

  • Footings for music wing expansion (west side of sanctuary)
  • Footings for front church porch (columns and canopy)

Form and Pour Chancel Steps, West Ambulatory Steps

  • Steps that connect the chancel and nave, and steps in the west ambulatory (hallway) will be formed from wood, filled with block foam, and concrete poured and leveled
  • Slab concrete will be poured over pea gravel that filled the old stairwell in the music hallway

Complete Interior Steel for Balcony and Organ Chamber (schedule and weather permitting)

  • Erect steel for rear balcony (above narthex), two sets of stairs and front porch
  • Erect steel for organ chamber (between town square and sanctuary chancel)

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