What’s New This Week? 10-01-21 to 10-15-21

What's Happening October 1 - 15, 2021?

Masons and Steelworkers Making Good Progress.

Work this past week made the shape of the new church sanctuary visible to passerbys and construction cam watchers alike.   The masons completed work on the block walls along the west and south (front) side of the church.  Work is now proceeding along the east wall.  All six sanctuary windows have now been formed, as has the front door opening and narthex windows.

The other dramatic change this past week was the erection of custom fabricated steel that will support both the organ chamber (which holds thousands of organ pipes) and the (much larger) rear balcony.  Both of these structures were erected inside the existing block walls.  The organ chamber is free standing, resting on steel columns that go directly to cement footings below the lower level floor.  The balcony steel rests on similar steel columns and is also notched into the side of the steel reinforced block walls.  The balcony is a particularly interesting as the steel structure is sloped to allow for tiered pews that will provide better viewing.

In the middle of October, weather permitting, concrete floors will be poured on top of metal decking that rests on the steel structures erected for the organ chamber and balcony.  The balcony work involves forming and pouring concrete tiers (large steps) similar to the process that was recently completed for the front chancel steps.

Less visible is the waterproofing work that is underway along the south wall of the office wing.  The lower level rooms below the 1950’s office corridor have historically had water problems.  By excavating this foundation and applying all new waterproofing materials, installing drain tiles and laying pea stone, we hope to improve the situation in these lower level rooms.


Complete New Block Walls for Church and Music Wing

  • The west & south (front) walls are now complete; work continues on the east wall during early October
  • Once the sanctuary block is complete, work will shift to the music wing (west side of sanctuary)
  • Note, all block walls are internally braced with steel rebar, vertically embedded in grout filled cavities

Continue Electrical Work on Main Level

  • Embed all electrical conduit and boxes required in block walls
  • Includes all wall outlets, switches, exit signs, etc.

Complete Interior Steel for Balcony and Organ Chamber

  • Erect steel for rear balcony (above narthex), including two sets of stairs
  • Erect steel for organ chamber (between town square and sanctuary chancel)
  • Erect steel for horizontal members that will support the roof trusses

Pour Concrete in Balcony and Organ Chamber

  • Pour concrete floor in upper level organ chamber
  • Form and pour ‘risers’ that comprise the tiered balcony floor

Complete Waterproofing Along Office Wing South Wall

  • Spray waterproofing material along recently exposed office wing south foundation wall
  • Afix corrugated waffleboard on top of waterproof material
  • Lay foundation drain tile and pea stone at bottom of exposed wall
  • Backfill existing soils in original location

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