Concrete Basement Floor Poured in Single Day

Concrete Floor Installed Across Lower Level

4" Concrete Pour Brings Finished Look to Basement

On Monday, August 16, 2021, a break in the weather allowed the concrete floor to be poured throughout the entire lower level.  A parade of cement mixers, one after the other, brought nearly 120 cubic yards of concrete to a pumper truck.  Over nearly five hours the nearly 100′ long boom delivered concrete to a team of 14 trades people waiting below.  The team worked non-stop to spread, level and smooth the new basement floor.  Care was taken to work around the various structures (electrical conduits, floor drains, sanitary pipes, sump pump) and into every corner to provide a smooth level surface.  Control joints were saw cut in a grid-like pattern the next day. While storage rooms will have a concrete floor finish, most of the lower level will be carpeted.

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