What’s New This Week? 08-16-21 to 08-31-21

What's Happening August 16 - 31, 2021?

Basement Floor and Church Floor Next Up

Record rainfall and power outages have made project scheduling a challenge over the past month.  Over 15″ of rain fell in Birmingham over the past two months.  This is the largest recorded two month total in over 30 years.  Multiple power outages have also temporarily closed some facilities (e.g. concrete plants.)   Despite these challenges, creative and flexible scheduling has allowed progress to be made.  A “dewatering” allowance in the budget has offset much of the added expense.  This allowance was created to account for possible ground water at the construction site.  Instead, heaven sent water has been the bigger foe of late!

The next two weeks should show substantial, visible progress.  The concrete basement floor will be poured and the new church floor will be installed.  This will allow the final backfill of the foundation walls.  All this is a necessary prelude to our church walls rising from their foundation in September!

Storms passed through the area on August 12, the lastest to bring record rain and power outages.

The following work is scheduled for 08-16-21 to 08-31-21:

Pour Lower Level Concrete Floor

  • A 4″ concrete floor will be poured over the entire basement floor.  A pumper truck will supply concrete from above as a crew of trades people grade and smooth the concrete floor.
  • Ramps which connect the various lower level grades will also be poured.

Finish East Foundation Wall and Stairwell

  • The remaining section of the east sanctuary foundation wall will be completed.  This will close off the sanctuary lower level and allow the construction access ramp to be backfilled.
  • Also, the necessary foundation walls for a second stairwell in the northeast corner (closest to the office wing) will be formed and poured.

Install Church Floor

  • Custom fabricated concrete planks have been created to our exact specfications.  These hollow-core planks (open tubes in the concrete) are steel reinforced for added strength.
  • The planks will be lowered into place by crane and rest on steel columns and ledges formed in the foundation walls.
  • When all the planks are in place and secured, an additional 2″ concrete topping will be poured on the church floor.

Complete Waterproofing and Backfill

  • Complete installation of waterproof board on the exterior of the foundation walls.
  • Complete backfill of appropriate soils around foundation walls (each 12″ layer of soil is compacted by machine and tested to assure the proper support for the new building).

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