Basement Floor Ready for Pour.

New Basement Floor Ready to be Poured

Undergeround rough plumbing and electrical completed.

Work continues on the lower level (“inside the hole”), the area that will contain six new classrooms, a large social gathering area, a Christian education resource center, a bridal lounge and several new bathrooms.  A great deal has been accomplished in the last week:

  • A steel stairwell was hung in the fire-rated block room that is located in the southwest corner of the lower level,
  • The old, abandoned stairwell from the music wing to the old basement was walled off with block,
  • Concrete footings were poured for a second stairwell in the northeast corner of the lower level; the walls for the stairwell will be poured August 11-16,
  • A short “knee” wall that demarcates the two levels in the basement was poured on August 10,
  • With rough plumbing (drain lines, sanitary lines) and rough electrical (conduit) complete, gravel was spread over the entire lower level,
  • A plastic vapor barrier (bright yellow!) was laid on top of the gravel.

Later this week and next, the final section of foundation wall (northeast corner) will be poured.  Immediately following, another concrete pump truck will pour the entire basement floor, including ADA-compliant ramps that will lead from existing areas of the lower level to the new area under the sanctuary.

A new steel stairway was hung in the southwest corner of the church.

The old abandoned stairwell in the music wing was bocked off.

New footings with rebar were poured for a second lower level stairwell.

The wooden forms for a short “knee” wall are ready for concrete.

Gravel is spread over the rough electrical (gray) and rough plumbing (white).

A layer of gravel forms the base underneath the poured basement floor.

A plastic vapor barrier (10 mil) is laid on top of the gravel and under the concrete.

The vapor barrier extends from wall to wall, with cutouts for the steel columns.

Electrical conduits, to be located inside a future wall, rise from the basement floor.