Drone Fly Over Captures New Church Structure

Steel Structure Bolted and Welded in Place

Basement Floor Plumbing, Electrical, Gravel in Place

A week of good weather has allowed good progress as the new church structure rises from the ground.

New video footage (below) shows the steel from above, via a drone flyover, and from below, inside the new lower level.  Ironworkers have been busy bolting and welding each joint throughout the lower level.  The steel columns and beams will support the pre-cast concrete planks that will be installed later this month.  The ironworkers will return at a later date to install the sanctuary balcony structure and two lower level stairways.

The photos below also capture the recently installed gravel floor in the lower level.  The gravel covers the drainage, sanitary plumbing and electrical conduits that run throughout the lower level.   After the remaining foundation wall is poured next week, the same contractor that laid the gravel will return to pour the new concrete basement floor.  

Steel columns rise above the west wall of the sanctuary (looking southeast).

Each piece of steel is custom fabricated to meet a specific Redeemer need.

This area includes the new resource center for children’s education.

A short “knee” wall will be poured along the new footing (left side of photo).

Temporary steel braces connect to the poured walls, until the planks are placed.

Each steel beam has an engineered “shelf” to support the concrete planks.

Ironworkers on ladders (background) weld the bolted joints in place.

Concrete will be poured over the gravel, in line with the new sump pump.

Steel like this was simply not utilized in the 1941 church construction.