Construction Cam #2 Now Shows Sanctuary Interior

Second Construction Cam Relocated

Camera Mounted in Balcony Shows Sanctuary Interior.

On December 1, 2021, the second construction camera was relocated inside the sanctuary.  The camera is located in the balcony, high on the back wall of the sanctuary.  The view is looking north, towards the chancel / altar.  Cam #2 can be accessed from the Sacred Space home page (just below the button for Cam #1) or by clicking hereContruction camera #1 continues to show the east side exterior of the sanctuary.

From the newly relocated Cam #2 you will see the balcony in the foreground and the main floor of the sanctuary below.  The steps leading up to the chancel are in the middle of the frame.  The top half of the cam view shows the organ chamber and above that the town square roof line and sanctuary roof line.  Installation of  plywood sheets over the town square metal truss frames has already begun.  This work will proceed to the entire sanctuary, weather permitting, over the next week.  

From the existing Cam #1 this week you can continue to see the masons work on the installation of the exterior red brick on the north end of the east side of the sanctuary.  When this work is complete, they will move their portable scaffolding to the front (south) side of the sanctuary.

Remember, you can always “rewind” to a prior day’s cam activity you may have missed.  Just click on the far left side of the video feed and a menu will pop up with a list of prior dates.  Select any date and the video will begin at midnight.  Over just a minute or two the entire day will unfold in fast forward.  You can change the display speed or pause the video by clicking controls along the bottom of the video feed.

Recent Video "Snapshots" from Cam #2