What’s New This Week? 12-01-21 to 12-15-21

What's Happening December 1 - 15, 2021?

Installation of Roof Trusses Well Underway

We continue to make significant progress as we execute our plan for a renewed Sacred Space at Redeemer.  This progress is evident on three fronts — some of the work more visible than others:

  1. Perhaps most noticeable is the installation of roof trusses over the sanctuary.  The first tranche of trusses were delivered Friday, November 19.  These shorter trusses that span the side aisles were installed the same day.  A second batch of trusses were delivered the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 24.  These longer trussess, spanning the large steel beams in the sanctuary, were installed on Friday and Saturday over the Thanksgiving weekend.  A third batch of trusses for the narthex are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, November 30.  All the trusses, fabricated off-site, are screwed and bolted in place from both portable lifts, inside the sanctuary, and a large boom crane outside the sanctuary.  They are spaced 2′ apart and are cross braced for added strength.
  2. Much less visible on the construction cameras is continued work on rough plumbing and rough electrical throughout the lower level.  Plumbers are installing all the piping necessary for the sinks and toilets in the classroom bathrooms and public bathrooms throughout the lower level.  Electricians continue to install conduit, junction boxes and circuit panels all throughout the lower level (classrooms, fellowship hall, resource center, bridal lounge and bathrooms.)  The HVAC contractor has also delivered duct work on site and is preparing for installation.
  3. Finally, the masons continue to work around the exterior of the sanctuary, most recently working on the east side of the sanctuary.  The brick detail and keystones for the three large east side windows have been completed.  They are currently working on the southeast corner of the narthex, including windows on both floors.  The masons have more work to complete the east elevation closer to the office wing, and the front (south) elevation around the front door and porch.

In addition to continuing the work above, early in December the team will begin to install plywood over the metal roof trusses.  This is in anticipation of the roofing team beginning work during the first half of December.  Their work includes installing water-proof membrane, ashphalt shingles, trim and gutters around the sanctuary.

We started running temporary heat (a natural gas unit) in the lower level on November 24.  Once the roof is installed and the sanctuary is deemed water-proof we will begin running temporary heat on the main level as well.  The permanent HVAC system will follow shortly, after the expanded music wing roof is completed and the HVAC equipment is delivered and installed.





Continue Installation of Roof Trusses

  • Brace and anchor trusses in main (nave) section of sanctuary and town square
  • Install trusses in sanctuary narthex (lobby)
  • Begin carpentry work on underside (interior) of sanctuary trusses

Install Sanctuary Roof

  • Install plywood sheeting over roof trusses
  • Install water proof membrane and shingles over plywood
  • Install trim boards and gutters around the roof line

Continue Laying Finish Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Continue work on the east wall of the sanctuary (prayer garden side)
  • Complete center section of the south (front) wall of the sanctuary
  • Weather and schedule permitting, begin work on the expanded music wing

Continue Electrical Work on Main, Lower Level and Music Wing

  • Install all electrical conduit and boxes required in metal stud walls
  • Install and activate electrical panels in lower level
  • Install all wall outlets, switches, exit signs, etc.

Continue Plumbing Work on Lower Level

  • Install all water and sanitary lines for sinks and toilets

Install HVAC Duct Work in Lower Level

Install Fire Supression System in Lower Level




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