Exterior Sidewalks, Driveway, Electrical, Columbarium Proceed

Exterior Focus on Sidewalks, Driveway, Rough Grade and Electrical

Hard surfaces and underground electrical pave path for landscaping

Significant progress is being made around the exterior of the new sanctuary.  One of the final steps in the project is landscaping.  Before that work can be completed (grass, trees, flowers, etc.) prerequisite work includes:

  • rough grading for storm water runoff
  • sidewalks
  • circle driveway asphalt
  • underground electrical
  • underground irrigation.

That work is well underway as you will see from the photos below.

Rough Grading and Sidewalk Installation

A new porch and sidewalk are poured in front of the new music wing door.

The front porch steps and sidewalk are installed in front of the church.

A new sidewalk welcomes the community by the front lawn sign.

A new sidewalk directly connects the sanctuary and columbarium.

A new heated, all-weather sidewalk was installed at the town square ramp.

The chapel, columbarium and prayer garden are all connected by sidewalks.

Installation of New Circle Driveway

A base of smooth gravel awaits the first layer of driveway asphalt.

Multiple layers of asphalt are laid and rolled in front of the church.

Old and new asphalt will be sealed, giving the driveway a uniform appearance.

Underground Electrical Installation

Trenches are dug around the campus for underground electrical service.

Holes are cored for all-new lamp posts to be installed shortly

Precast lamp post bases, made to our specifications, are installed.

Columbarium Relocation

A layer of sand forms the drainage base for the brick pavers to come.

Two planter boxes have a concrete surround for flowers and plants.

The brick, granite and limestone caps have all been power-washed.