Framing for Town Square Expansion Complete

Carpenters Complete Framing in Expanded Town Square

Drywall Work Begins on Walls, Arches, Columns

The town square is our main gathering area on Sundays and throughout the week.  The space was so named because it has grown to be a central hub of activity, the crossroads of our church.  The space hosts larger, organized activities (Sunday coffee hour, wedding/baby showers, funeral visitations) and many intimate ad-hoc conversations.  Parents are gathered in conversation or work around the fireplace or at tables on any weekday morning or evening.  Staff meets with members.  Members meet with other members.  People just stop to catch up on the week’s events.

In 2010 we created a fireplace and seating area, a kitchenette and coffee bar, and other seating areas for conversation, cards or work.  The space, originally conceived during Sacred Space phase one, was always planned for expansion.  The expansion does more than provide additional fellowship space.  The expansion will provide two points of access to the sanctuary via hallways on both the east and west side of the new church.  The expansion will also allow direct access to the new church front office, now centrally located off the town square.

In expanding the town square care has been taken to match the existing space, so the new room feels like one larger, integrated space.  This involved matching the wood trim, architectural columns, carpet, vaulted hallway, etc.   The new space will be revealed this summer when the temporary construction wall is removed and two seemingly separate areas are combined as one.  The front office staff will be most appreciative as their office will now be directly accessible from the west entrance and town square.

The arched design motif in the existing town square is extended into the new space.

The temporary plywood construction wall will be removed to create a single, larger space.

The vaulted hallway that starts at the library will now run directly to the new sanctuary.

The front office will now face the new town square (note the interior “window” on the left, and doorway on the right.)

To create a single space, care has been taken to match the wood trim, carpet, columns and arches, and acoustic ceiling.

Expanded coffee hour space, improved access to the sanctuary and a centrally located front office are all benefits of the newly expanded town square.