Church Ceiling Painted, Wood Trim Added

Church Takes on More Finished Look

Painting, Wood Trim, Finishes Continue.

Those who were able to attend one of the April 10, Palm Sunday, construction tours so a more finished church sanctuary.  Several notable milestones have been achieved.  

  • The vaulted ceiling was painted with a textured acoustic paint
  • All sanctuary walls have received at least one coat of paint
  • The interior columns have been installed and sanded
  • Wood panel trim has been completed on the sides of the chancel
  • Crown moldings have been installed the length of the sanctuary
  • HVAC grills and louvers have been installed
  • Wood windowsill and trim has begun
  • Some house (can) lighting has been installed
  • All drywall has been installed in the narthex (front lobby)


New Sanctuary Finishes Begin