Weather Allows Concrete Work to Resume

Concrete Work Begins on Porches, Columbarium

Frost Law Restrictions Lifted April 8, 2022

A delayed spring left roadway frost law restrictions in place until April 8.  These restrictions have now been lifted and heavier trucks can once again travel on Maple Road in front of Redeemer.  This has allowed concrete work to resume around the exterior of the new church.  The work has focused in two areas:  the various porches and the relocated columbarium.

Outside each exterior door a frost-protected slab has been poured to avoid future heaving around the new doors.  And for the front porch facing Maple Road, additional cement was poured around the frost slab to encompass the entire porch, including the four exterior porch columns.  The porch will be accessible from an ADA compliant ramp, or from a single step from the sidewalk.  The circle driveway will remain in its original location.

The footings for the relocated columbarium were poured last fall.  But the concrete “flat” work that forms the base upon which the niches will be placed was completed after the frost law restrictions were removed.  From the construction camera you can now see more clearly the outline of the new columbarium.  The mason that disassembled the columbarium will begin the reassembly process later in April.  New niches are being added to the columbarium along the east wall of the new sanctuary.

 A frost slab has been poured just outside the west narthex door.

Excavation and forms are readied for a sidewalk that leads to the west parking lot.

Forms are constructed for the new front porch, accessible by ADA ramp and steps.

Removal of frost law restrictions allowed cement trucks to travel to Redeemer.

Here the frost slab has been poured in the center of the front porch.

Four colonial columns will rest on the newly poured front porch.

A smooth concrete base rests on the columbarium foundations installed last fall.

The center “island” is visible in the relocated columbarium.

Water spigots, electrical outlets and hidden drainage are all details in the columbarium.