What’s New This Week? 04-01-22 to 04-15-22

What's Happening April 1 - 15, 2022?

Carpenters Begin Installation of Sanctuary Wood Trim

On Sunday, April 10, 2022, construction tours will be offered after the 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship services.  Come see our progress firsthand!

Weather allowed some work to continue on the Redeemer exterior during the second half of March.  

  • Two large HVAC air handling units have now been connected to the lower-level furnace room.  Also, work needed to connect ground level A/C condensers on the west side of the sanctuary has been completed.  
  • Work continues on exterior trim.  The two big remaining tasks involve installing aluminum fascia trim, gutters and downspouts and installing the four large exterior porch columns.
  • The semi-circular tops for the six large sanctuary windows were recently installed.  This will allow the finish carpenters to install the interior wood trim around the windows.
  • Weather and roadway “frost laws” permitting, work will continue on two projects:
    • The installation of the newly relocated columbarium.  The new, larger columbarium will now be on the east side of the sanctuary.  Poured foundations are the next step in the process.
    • The installation of concrete pads and porches at each of the four new exterior doors, including the front porch.

The interior of the sanctuary has seen a great deal of activity.  

  • A team of carpenters has completed the rough framing for the entire sanctuary.  Drywall has been hung and painted with the exception of the narthex ceiling, which has now passed all necessary inspections.  Continued framing in the expanded section of the town square will be a priority in early April.
  • Painters have applied a primer coat to the entire sanctuary, including walls and the vaulted ceiling.  The ceiling, walls, columns and wood trim will all receive a final coat of paint as well.
  • The finish carpenters have made significant progress inside the sanctuary, including door installation and wainscoting on the chancel side walls, the interior columns in the sanctuary nave and initial work on window trim.  This work will continue all through the month of April.
  • Rough electrical work in the sanctuary is complete.  Some finish electrical, like lighting fixtures are being installed in the ceiling of the chancel, balcony and narthex.  
  • The HVAC duct work is complete.  HVAC work has shifted now to primarily finish work (controls, louvers, grates, etc.)

The lower level is ahead of the pace upstairs in the sanctuary.  All drywall has received final paint colors.  The various teams have moved on to finish work.

  • Tile in the various lower-level bathrooms is nearly complete.  This will allow fixtures and millwork to be installed in April.  
  • Vinyl tile and carpet will soon be installed in the six lower-level classrooms.
  • Wall connections between the old and new sections of the lower level have been largely completed.

Complete Framing and Drywall in Town Square and Narthex Ceiling

  • Complete framing for expanded town square soffits, coves and ceiling
  • Complete drywall installation in narthex ceiling and town square expansion
  • Complete tape, mud and sanding throughout

Continue Finish Carpentry Work

  • Chancel side and front wainscoting, reredos
  • Interior sanctuary columns
  • Windowsills and side wall wainscoting
  • Communion rail and side rails

Continue Finish Electrical Work in Sanctuary

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and narthex

Continue HVAC Work in Sanctuary and Lower Level

  • Install remaining ducts in sanctuary and narthex
  • Complete installation of HVAC units in lower-level furnace room
  • Install music wing furnace

Complete Tile Installation in All Lower-level Bathrooms

Complete Exterior Fascia, Gutter and Downspout Work

Continue Relocation Work for New Columbarium

  • Pour lower foundations to support existing columbarium niches (subject to roadway frost laws)
  • Reinstall columbarium niches
  • Weather permitting, begin laying columbarium red brick

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