Interior Basement Work Complete. Steel Next.

Basement Rough Plumbing and Electrical Complete

Erection of Steel Columns is Next

Progress continues on the construction site, albeit less visible from the Redeemer construction cam.  The below grade masonry work was completed last week.  This week, the below grade rough plumbing and electrical work has also been completed.  That sets the stage for the erection of the large steel columns.  This work is now scheduled to commence on Wednesday, July 28.

A team of nine masons has completed the block walls along the south end of the lower level.  The smaller “room” in the southwest corner of the new church is actually a fire-rated stairwell that leads from the narthex (lobby) to the lower level.  Another, longer wall bisects the new sanctuary (east to west) with small gaps left for steel columns and a larger center opening for a door which will lead to the new children’s classrooms.

Another team of plumbers has been working on the underground sanitary and sewer lines that will connect bathrooms in the new lower level (bridal lounge, classrooms, other public bathrooms) as well as two new bathrooms on the main level office wing.  This work entails digging trenches, laying and connecting the PVC pipe and covering with gravel.

At the same time rough electrical work has been taking place on the lower level.  Far less visible, but no less important, our senior electrical lead has been installing conduit and electrical boxes inside the block walls and running conduit along the footings before the basement floor is poured.  This will save time later and keep unsightly conduits from showing outside finished walls.

While laying gravel for the new poured basement floor was originally scheduled next on the schedule, an opening in the iron workers schedule will allow us to begin installation of large steel beams beginning Wednesday, July 28.  A large crane will unload the steel from several trucks and lift them into place.  The vertical beams will be attached to anchor bolts that were previously set in concrete pads.  The vertical steel columns are in two long parallel lines, that run the entire length of the sanctuary.  The vertical beams will then be bolted to horizontal beams.  Finally, the entire structure will be fixed in place through the efforts of a welding team.  

Final structural integrity will be achieved only after concrete reinforced planks are set in place on top of the steel and poured foundation walls.  This work should occur later in August.

Masons complete the block walls along the south end of the new lower level.

Despite heavy rains, masons work from scaffolding above the mud below.

The finished block walls leave gaps for the steel columns that will soon be erected.

Electrical and data conduit runs along the footings, below the basement floor.

Conduit runs below the floor and up inside a block wall to a light switch.

Electrical boxes for future light switches are temporarily taped shut.

PVC pipe in trenches connects bathrooms inside new children’s classrooms.

Rough plumbing is installed for two future bathrooms that could be installed later.

The main sanitary line runs north-south across the entire lower level.

Rough plumbing is installed for bathrooms at the foot of the narthex stairs.

A branch off this main line connects two new 1st floor bathrooms.

The black tubing is for foundation drainage.  The white PVC pipe for sanitary lines.