New Steeple Arrives at Redeemer — Assembly Begins

All-Weather Replica Steeple and Cross Arrive On-site

Assembly Begins Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The wooden steeple and cross that graced Redeemer for many years is being upgraded.  An all-weather steeple that matches the same dimensions as the previous steeple arrived at Redeemer the evening of Tuesday, April 19, 2022.  The steeple maker is Campbellsville Industries Inc., Campbellsville KY.  The steeple arrived in sections on two large flatbed trucks.  Each section will be unloaded so that finishing work can be completed on the ground (e.g., attaching the various steeple urns on each level of the steeple.)   Beginning Thursday, April 21, a large crane will then lift each section into place.  Work will begin with the steeple base which will be bolted to an existing steel structure integral to the new roof.  Then the belfry section will be lifted into place, and finally the spire.   After all these sections are bolted together, the cross will be lifted into place atop the spire.

*** Weather permitting, the first section of the steeple will be lifted into place around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 20.  This section, the most complicated to install, will take around ninety minutes.  Thereafter, the belfry and spire sections will be lifted into place and bolted.  And finally, in the early afternoon, we expect the new cross to be set atop the spire. *** 




The steel structure that will support the new steeple is already in place.

The steeple arrived in prefabricated sections on large flatbed trucks.

The steeple has a steel structure with an aluminum clad covering.

The base section and louvered section are visible on the truck.

The visible metal frame will be bolted to the steel roof structure.

The bottom of the steeple spire is visible on the truck.

Aluminum panels are added to the base structure at Redeemer.

The over-size truck loads made their way up I-75 from Kentucky.

Pastor Randy Schlak, Carol Frost and Fred Suczynski watch the steeple preparation.