New Steeple and Cross Set Atop Redeemer

Steeple and Cross Set Thursday, April 21, 2022

Rain Turns to Full Sun as Cross Set atop Steeple

Thursday, April 21, 2022, dawned gray and rainy.  The three-person installation team from Campbellsville KY lifted the first section of the new steeple off the ground at 8:30 a.m.  Ten minutes later the steeple base and louvered section were in place. By 11:15 a.m. the second, open, belfry section was in place.  And by 1:30 p.m., after three attempts in gusty winds, the spire was set in place under sunny skies.  And finally, at 2:30 p.m., the crowning moment arrived as the steeple cross was anchored in place atop the new steeple.  

All through the day Redeemer members and friends came and went.  From the parking lot to the west and the chapel to the east, our people were watching, photographing and visiting throughout the setting process.  Neighbors walking with dogs and strollers on Maple Road waved and shouted encouragement.  After the emotional high point of setting the cross, the installation team proceeded back inside the steeple to secure all the many bolts, install the lighting protection cable, and apply a final trim piece around the roof line.  Two new exterior roof top spotlights lit the new steeple for the first time on Monday night, April 25.

Ten Frequently Asked Questions About the Steeple

  1. How did we pick this design? The steeple maker, Campbellsville Industries, reproduced the Redeemer steeple. The steeple is an exact replica of the 1960 steeple, in style and dimensions.
  2. How tall is the steeple? It depends on where you are standing outside the church, but from the front driveway to the top of the cross is approximately 90’.
  3. Did they reset the old steeple cross? No, the old steeple cross (now in the gym sanctuary) will be installed in the courtyard.  A new cross and globe, the same height, but thicker, was installed.
  4. Did they set the steeple in one piece? The steeple was trucked in four sections, plus the cross.  The two bottom sections were bolted together on the ground, so three sections (base/louvered section, belfry section and spire) were each lifted into place, before the cross was set.
  5. Is the steeple crooked? Some viewing the steeple via the construction camera may think there is a slight bend in the steeple.  This is simply the distortion caused by a wide-angle lens.  Double check for yourself the next time you are at Redeemer.
  6. What color is the new spire atop the steeple? Like the US penny, which is 98% zinc, the new spire is made of zinc.  After months of weathering, the spire will patina to a flat, matte gray finish — like the old steeple.
  7. What do you call those “things” around the steeple? Those architectural details are called urns.  There are twenty in total, four around the bottom louvered section and eight (two per corner) around the middle belfry section and the top spire section.  They are each 25-27” tall.
  8. When will we hear the bells again? Work still remains to install the carillon before the chimes can return.  Plans are underway for a reveal.  Stay tuned for more details.
  9. Can workers get inside the steeple? Yes, but not from inside the church.  From the roof there is a locked access door on the north side of the base section.  Once inside the watertight steeple there are ladders built into the steeple walls.
  10. How long before we have to paint? Hopefully never! The steeple is made of all-weather aluminum material which is waterproofed and coated with an architectural metal finish.

Video courtesy of Tim Duerr, April 21, 2022

Video courtesy of Gerald Seelbach, April 21, 2022

Video courtesy of Gerald Seelbach, April 21, 2022

Steeple Setting Photos, April 21, 2022