Work Accelerates, Inside and Outside New Church

Steeple, Sanctuary, Columbarium, Classrooms All Progressing

Finishes and Detailing Not Always Visible on Construction Cam

Varied teams of trades people are working side-by-side, inside and outside, the new church.  Painters, masons, carpenters, electricians, carpet installers, mechanical — all working to complete our Sacred Space.  Progress is not always visible from the construction cams.  Perhaps the most notable milestone of late was the installation of the new sanctuary steeple

Other work on the church exterior includes the installation of the large front porch columns, the “sunburst” trim around the front door, exterior light fixtures and roof fascia and trim.  Work on the relocated columbarium accelerated this past week as masons began the process of reinstalling the concrete niches, granite and name plates.

Inside the sanctuary two teams have been hard at work, the finish carpenters and the painters, adding colonial detailing and finish paint throughout.  Other teams — rough carpenters, drywallers, electricians, HVAC — have been hard at work preparing the expanded town square space and integrating this work with the existing town square.

And finally, work continues on the lower level.  Sinks and toilets have been installed.  The millworkers are installing cabinetry and the installation of the new carpet has begun.

Relocation of Expanded Columbarium

The existing precast concrete niches are reinstalled in the new site.

The existing granite and name plates are reinstalled in the new site.

32 new niches along the sanctuary east wall will be installed.

Sanctuary Wood Trim and Finish Paint

Interior narthex (front lobby) windows viewed from the sanctuary.

Wainscoting, paneling and window trim is complete on the east wall.

The pediment and finial above the reredos are installed and painted.

Town Square Expansion and Integration

The church office and staff hallway viewed from the town square.

The view into the sunlit sanctuary from the expanded town square.

The nursery, women’s BR & ADA door viewed from the town square.

Lower-Level Classrooms, Resource Center

Carpet installation begins in the new children’s classrooms.

New cabinetry in the resource center (sink yet to be installed.)

Craft center and teacher storage in the new children’s classroom

Steeple, Porch Columns, Front Door Trim

A sunburst pattern over the front door matches the prior entrance.

Sunset casts a warm glow over the newly set steeple and cross.

Four colonial columns with matching caps are installed.