What’s New This Week? 05-01-22 to 05-15-22

What's Happening May 1 - 15, 2022?

Substantial Progress Inside and Outside New Sanctuary

Installation of the new steeple on Thursday, April 21, 2022, was a major milestone over the past two weeks.  But less visible work was accomplished inside and outside the new sanctuary.

Key milestones around the Redeemer exterior included:  

  • The front porch took a major step forward as the four large colonial columns were installed.  White trim around the porch began, including a sunburst pattern over the front door.
  • Masons began the process of relocating the columbarium niches, granite face covers and name plates.  The initial work revolved around the existing niches.  32 new niches will be added on the sanctuary east wall.
  • Work on other exterior trim continued slowly, involving two teams, the finish carpenters and the roofers.

The interior of the sanctuary has seen a great deal of activity, with trades wrapping up work in some cases:  

  • Framing and ceiling grids are now complete throughout the sanctuary, narthex, town square expansion and music wing expansion.  Acoustic ceiling tile will be installed as inspections permit.
  • Drywall installation, tape, mud and sanding is now complete. 
  • Most every surface has received a primer coat; the sanctuary ceiling and many walls have received final paint.
  • Finished electrical continues.  New lighting for the dossal curtain should begin in the next two weeks.
  • HVAC installation is largely complete.  Control panels have been installed and balancing and tuning is mostly complete.  Temporary heaters have been removed.  New AC condensers will be installed on the west side during the next two weeks.
  • Fire suppression is also in the finish stage.   Fire suppression work in the chapel has yet to start.
  • Wood trim work and painting is happening throughout the sanctuary, narthex and town square:
    • The chancel walls have been trimmed and the reredos and pipe organ screens installed and painted
    • The interior columns are installed, sanded, primed and partly painted
    • The six large sanctuary windows are trimmed in wood; the wainscoting that ties to the six windowsills have also been installed
    • Wood trim panels below the wainscoting is partially complete and will continue in the first half of May.  This includes panels and trim in the sanctuary and in the two hallways that connect the sanctuary and town square
    • Wood trim work will continue in the narthex and balcony and begin in the town square.

The lower level (classrooms, fellowship hall, bathrooms, bridal lounge, etc.) saw multiple teams at work:

  • Millworkers began the installation of cabinetry in the classrooms and resource center.
  • Carpet installation began in the classrooms.  Some rooms will also receive a section of tile.
  • Drywall and painting are complete, with the exception of the north hallway.
  • Finished electrical is complete.
  • Doors and door hardware are complete.
  • HVAC installation is complete.
  • Bathroom tile is complete. 
  • Bathroom fixtures (sinks and toilets) are partially installed.

Continue Finish Carpentry Work in Tandem with Painters

  • Sanctuary and entry hallway side wainscoting and panels
  • Town Square columns and wall paneling
  • Balcony and narthex window and wall trim
  • Communion rail and side rails

Begin Installing Floor Tile in Sanctuary Beginning with the Chancel

Complete Ceiling Grids for Drop-in Acoustic Tile

  • Complete installation of ceiling grid in music rehearsal room, town square and balcony closets

Continue Finish Electrical Work Inside and Outside Sanctuary

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and narthex
  • Continue electrical installations around exterior, front driveway

Continue Mechanical Work Inside and Outside Sanctuary

  • Install and connect AC condensers on west side of new sanctuary

Complete Fixture Installation in All Lower-level Bathrooms

  • Complete installation of all sinks, toilets

Complete Exterior EIFS, Fascia, Gutter and Downspout Work

Continue Relocation Work for New Columbarium

  • Reinstall columbarium niches
  • Begin laying columbarium red brick and ground pavers

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