What’s New This Week? 05-16-22 to 05-31-22

What's Happening May 16 - 31, 2022?

Warm, Creamy White Walls and Slate Gray Floor Installed

Progress on the relocated columbarium highlights the work on the Redeemer exterior:  

  • Masons made substantial progress relocating the columbarium niches, granite face covers and name plates.  With this work complete another team of brick masons will begin installing the Redeemer red brick this coming week.  Once complete, the existing limestone caps will be set in place.  Later, the existing ground pavers will be installed throughout the columbarium.
  • Work on other exterior trim continued with the installation of new gutters and downspouts.  EIFS (wall cladding) and reglet (flashing) will cover the remaining “purple” board that still shows on the exterior.
  • New AC condensers for the lower level and music wing will be installed on the west side of the sanctuary during the next two weeks.
  • Rough grading will continue in anticipation of laying new sidewalks, ramps and steps.

The interior of the sanctuary has seen a great deal of activity, most notably the installation of tile in the sanctuary:  

  • A slate gray tile has been installed throughout the sanctuary main floor, between the columns.  A team of three installers has worked this past week to install and grout the 24″ square tiles in a “running board” (offset) pattern.  They will now move to the narthex and side aisles.  A different team will concurrently install tile in the new, tiered balcony.  This second team has already installed the tile in the new music rehearsal room.
  • Framing, ceiling grids and acoustic tiles are now complete throughout the sanctuary, narthex, town square expansion and music wing expansion.  
  • Every surface has received a primer coat; the sanctuary itself has received final paint.  The color chosen was a warm, creamy “dove white”.  Care was taken to paint key features (wood trim, round columns) in a satin finish.  Painters have now shifted to the entry hallways and town square expansion.
  • Finish electrical continues.  New brass chandeliers were hung in the two balcony stairwells.  Existing historical exterior fixtures were saved and reinstalled.  New lighting for the dossal curtain should begin in the next two weeks.
  • HVAC installation is largely complete.  Thermostats (menu-driven, color screens) have been installed and balancing and tuning is complete.  Both the furnace and AC have been used over the past two Michigan “spring” weeks!
  • Fire suppression work in the chapel and other existing areas has yet to start.
  • Wood trim work in the sanctuary, narthex and town square is in the home stretch:
    • Wood risers were recently installed on the chancel steps
    • Carpenters have shifted their focus to completing the town square expansion
    • 6″ baseboard will be installed throughout the chancel, sanctuary and narthex as tile installation is complete
    • The balcony rail cap and new dossal curtain inside the reredos will be installed later this month.

The lower level (classrooms, fellowship hall, bathrooms, bridal lounge, etc.) are nearing completion:

  • All cabinetry in the classrooms and resource center have been installed.
  • Carpet installation is nearly complete in the classrooms, bridal lounge and fellowship hall; most remaining work involves baseboard installation.
  • Bathroom tile is complete.  Bathroom fixtures (sinks and toilets) are complete, and connections are nearly complete.  Bathroom partitions are still on the schedule.
  • Vinyl tile installation is complete in the resource center and the classrooms will follow next.

Continue Finish Carpentry Work in Tandem with Painters

  • Town Square columns and wall paneling
  • Wood trim baseboards throughout (after tile installation)
  • Communion rail, chancel step handrails, sanctuary entryway handrails
  • Reredos and dossal curtain

Continue Installing Floor Tile in Sanctuary

  • Narthex
  • Ambulatories (side aisles)
  • Balcony

Complete Ceiling Grids for Drop-in Acoustic Tile

Continue Finish Electrical Work Inside and Outside Sanctuary

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and narthex
  • Continue electrical installations around exterior, front driveway

Continue Mechanical Work Inside and Outside Sanctuary

  • Install and connect AC condensers on west side of new sanctuary

Complete Fixture Installation and Connection in All Lower-level Bathrooms

  • Complete installation and hookup of all sinks, toilets, water heaters

Complete Exterior EIFS, Fascia, Gutter and Downspout Work

Continue Relocation Work for New Columbarium

  • Begin laying columbarium red brick
  • Install limestone caps
  • Lay brick paver floor
  • Return benches and statues

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