Our New Worship Home

Our New Worship Home

Immediately following our sanctuary decommissioning volunteers mobilized to create our new worship home.

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, we decommissioned our sanctuary during the morning’s worship services.  The very next morning dozens of volunteers mobilized to recreate our beloved sanctuary in our new (temporary) worship home, the gymnasium.  Volunteers moved more than 50 pews, the altar and dossal curtain, all the chancel adornments and the contents of the sacristy.  Thanks to the many hands that made for light work, our new worship space was ready three days later for our Wednesday midweek Lenten worship!

From Sunday to Wednesday volunteers created our new worship space!

The altar was placed on dollies and rolled to its new home on the gym stage.

The old sanctuary, now known just as the Big Room, looks empty without pews and worshippers.

The surround above the altar (aka the reredos) which holds the dossal curtain was relocated.