Plans for the Old Reuter Organ

Plans for the Old Reuter Organ

In the words of Dave Wagner, ‘our old organ has served us well; it doesn’t owe us anything!’

The organ, which comprises the console, the pipes, the blower and many other components is being put to good use.  First, the chimes and several sets of pipes have been removed and shipped to Casavant for use in our new organ.   Second, the remaining pipes and the console are being repurposed by two different organizations for future use in church organs.  And finally, a small number of pipes are being retained as keepsakes for Redeemer members.

The Chimes, Clarinet pipes & Vax Humana pipes are prepared for shipping to Casavant Freres for use in our new organ.

The inlaid grillwork in the organ chamber doors was recently returned to George Nuler’s family, Redeemer member and original craftsman.

The larger grillwork in the upper organ chamber was removed and stored for possible decorative use in the new church.