Sanctuary Roof Begins to Take Shape

Soaring Roof Rises 35' Above Sanctuary

Crane and Mobile Lifts Aid Installation of Trusses

Over the past two weeks the roof line of the new sanctuary has clearly begun to take shape.  Cranes lifted large steel trusses into place over the sanctuary in three sections each.  Workers on mobile lifts anchored the trusses to plates on the outside block walls and to the steel beams already installed inside the sanctuary.

The ridge line that runs the length of the sanctuary is 35′ above the high point (narthex, front door) of the sanctuary floor (and slightly more, considering the sanctuary floor slopes down.)  The trusses, spaced 2′ apart, are cross braced on defined intervals.  Two truss “gaps” near the front (north side) of the sanctuary have extra cross bracing.  These ~4′ gaps permit large HVAC ducts to run east/west across the sanctuary.

The trusses for the Town Square have also been installed, with the exception of the few that tie directly to the back wall of the sanctuary.  These trusses are already staged, in place, and simply await the final contruction of the plywood sanctuary back wall.  The new Town Square trusses were shimmed ~3/4″ to 1″ so that the existing and new roof lines would align perfectly.

Installation of the 5/8″ plywood will now go relatively quickly as the trusses over the main sanctuary are in place.  Smaller trusses still need to be installed over the east stairwell, the front porch and the music wing.  In the meantime, the roofer will install water and ice shield over the plywood, and then asphalt shingles.

As viewed from the courtyard, the new sanctuary roof (left), rises above the newly expanded Town Square (right).

Scaffolding (center) is used to install the narthex trusses that form gables above each balcony stairway.

Somewhat smaller trusses, that match the existing Town Square gable, span the newly expanded space.

Trusses will fill the gap between the Town Square and sanctuary after plywood is installed on the taller sanctuary back wall.

Mobile lifts are used to install cross bracing between trusses.  The lifts reach 35′-40′ above the sanctuary floor.

The “seam” between the existing and new portions of the town square is first built of plywood.

Stacks of plywood are lifted (center) over the west side of the sanctuary as other lifts help with installation.

Vertical metal studs created the back wall of the sanctuary, which is now being covered with plywood.

The roof over the west side of the sanctuary begins to take shape, sheet by sheet.