Mild Weather Makes for Progress

Mild Early December Helps Progress

Needed Work Continues on Roof, Masonry

Mild early December weather has helped fuel progress on the constructon site.  Work continues, albeit not always visible on our construction cams, in several areas:

  • The main sanctuary trusses are installed.  Detail work continues to complete the narthex gables and the east side stairwell.  The music wing trusses should arrive on site shortly.
  • Plywood sheets (4′ x 8′) are being installed across the entire roof area.  The expanded town square is complete. The sanctuary west side is nearly complete and the east side should be completed in a few days.  The narthex gables will follow. 
  • Waterproof material is being applied on all roof surfaces.  Black membranes are installed on the seams.  A gray, waterproof membrane (already visible on the town square addition) will cover all the plywood.
  • The west wall of the sanctuary above the music wing has been framed and (purple) insulation installed.  The masons will install “thin” bricks on this wall, above the music wing.
  • The masons have completed the east wall of the sanctuary and are currently working on the front (south) elevation.  The last section to be completed is around and above the front doors, going to the top, center gable.

Wood sheathing (red), waterproofing (gray) and (purple) insulation is added to the north end of the sanctuary.

Waterproof membranes (black) are applied to every “seam” and “valley” between old and new.

Thick 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood are installed over all the roof trusses, more than 8,000 square feet.

Masons leave room for the installation of two cornerstones, the original 1941 and your new Sacred Space cornerstone.

Masons worked on the front (south) elevation, adding brick along the front porch gable.

All that remains on the front elevation is brick work around the front doors and above the porch gable.

Plywood is raised into position on the roof.  The music wing (yellow) awaits trusses.  Purple insulation will be covered with brick.

The expanded town square area is completely framed.  The construction wall (left) will eventually come down.

Drywall and natural gas heaters are positioned and ready once the roof is made water-proof.