What’s New This Week? 12-16-21 to 12-31-21

What's Happening December 16 - 31, 2021?

Truss Detailing, Sheathing, Waterproofing Sanctuary Roof

Relatively mild early December weather allowed for progress during the first half of the month.  Important work remains in the second half of the month to make the new sanctuary water-proof and ready for heat.

  1. The largest sanctuary roof trusses are now fully installed.  Work continues around the two narthex gables and over the east-side stairwell.  The music wing trusses should be delivered later in December.
  2. Large sheets of non-combustible plywood are being installed across all the trusses.  In total this is more than 8,000 square feet of plywood.  Once this is complete a gray waterproof membrane is installed next.  This membrane is already visible on the expanded town square roof.  An ice and water shield membrane (black) will be applied in the valleys and six feet up from the eaves.
  3. The masons have completed the east wall of the sanctuary and are very nearly finished with the front (south) elevation (not visible on the construction cams.)   Weather permitting, they will then turn their attention to the west wall of the sanctuary above the music wing.
  4. A city inspection will take place in December on the lower level.  These inspections will cover the in-wall rough electrical and rough plumbing.  With these two sign-offs drywall can then be installed once the waterproof roof is completed above.

Continue Installation of Roof Trusses

  • Brace and anchor trusses in main (nave) section of sanctuary and town square
  • Install trusses in sanctuary narthex (lobby)
  • Begin carpentry work on underside (interior) of sanctuary trusses

Install Sanctuary Roof

  • Install plywood sheathing over roof trusses
  • Install water proof membrane and shingles over plywood
  • Install trim boards and gutters around the roof line

Continue Laying Finish Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Complete center section of the south (front) wall of the sanctuary
  • Weather and schedule permitting, begin work on the expanded music wing

Continue Electrical Work on Main, Lower Level and Music Wing

  • Complete installation of all in-wall rough electrical
  • Prepare for in-wall electrical inspection and make any changes noted

Continue Plumbing Work on Lower Level

  • Prepare for in-wall plumbing inspection and make any changes noted

Install HVAC Duct Work in Lower Level

Install Fire Supression System in Lower Level




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