Significant Progress in Church Demolition

Video Highlights, May 3 – 7, 2021

Major Progress in Demolition of Old Sanctuary

Building Down, Foundations Next

Demolition of the old sanctuary began on Monday, May 3, 2021.  Incredible progress was made during the first full week of work. 

The initial goal was to knock the building in on itself, filling the entire lower level with debris.  From there the material was sorted and loaded into waiting trucks.  The debris is being sorted into three piles based on the value of the material and how it is trucked off-site.  One pile for steel, one pile for concrete/block/brick and one pile for lumber.  Typically 8-10 trucks have been loaded each day.  Other valuable material, like copper, has been handpicked at the end of each day.  Individual bricks have also been set aside for members.

Work on Tuesday and Wednesday was perhaps less dramatic, but no less important as the delicate work of demolishing the old building right up to the perimeter of the existing building took place.  This work entailed both careful excavator work and selective hand demolition.  Each night the building was secured against the weather.

By the middle of the first week overhead drone photos clearly showed the outlines of the foundation of the old Redeemer sanctuary and front office.  Before the end of the first week attention had already turned to excavation of these sanctuary and columbarium foundations.  During the second week these huge blocks of concrete are being loaded into trucks so they can be further crushed and recycled.  A great deal of grading and “cleaning” the dirt is also taking place during the second week in preparation for the next major phase, the installation of the new sanctuary foundations.

You can continue to watch the work taking place on site each day by viewing the live feed from the construction cam mounted on the chapel cupola.

**** Please be extra careful to avoid the circle drive construction area during this phase of work ****

The extremely long, narrow outline of the sanctuary foundations are visible.

Debris is constantly shifted to the south end of the basement for truck loading.

The original 1941 foundations were made of four layers of hand laid brick.

Large sections of concrete foundation are piled high for subsequent loading.

As the concrete floor and foundations are removed, all that remains is dirt

The view looking south from just above the (former) sanctuary altar.

New Day 1 Demolition Photos.

New Day 1 Demolition Photos.

New Day 1 Demolition Photos.