What’s New This Week? 05-16-21 to 05-31-21

What's Happening May 16 - 31, 2021?

Demolition Ends and Excavation Begins.

The following work is scheduled for 05-16-21 to 05-31-21:

While the casual passerby wouldn’t notice any changes at the Redeemer site, the careful construction cam observer knows that demolition activity has ended and the project has moved forward to the excavation phase.

Demolition ended late last week as the last of the sorted building debris was trucked off site.  The final demolition activity also included two additional tasks.  First, additional temporary protection and weatherproofing was added on the south wall of the town square and the roof gable directly above.  Second, temporary shoring was placed on the west wall of the old sanctuary until the time the wall is reconnected to the new sanctuary.  This shoring will allow masonry work to safely occur along the top of the wall.

The excavation phase began just as the demolition activities were completed.   The initial work will include moving hundreds of yards of clean fill dirt out of the old basement where it will be stockpiled in mounds on site.  This dirt will be used later to backfill around the new foundations.  Another step early in the process involves digging holes to test the soil and water conditions.  This testing will provide valuable confirmation of what was found earlier from engineering analysis of our soil test borings.

In preparation for digging the actual foundation locations, work will also involve cutting safety bevels around the perimeter of the new foundation and creating a ramp on the east side of the sanctuary so trucks can move safely in and out of the new lower level.  Once this preparatory work is complete, the process of cutting the exact locations of foundations, walls and floor depths will occur throughout the lower level.  Steel rebar, which will be used to reinforce the poured concrete and block has already been delivered to the site.

Demolition – Complete

  • All debris has been sorted and removed from the site.
  • Temporary walls and weatherproofing has been added to the south wall / gable of the town square.
  • Temporary shoring has been added to the west wall of the sanctuary, which connects to the music wing.

Excavation – In Process

  • Clean fill dirt will be stockpiled inside the construction area for later use in backfilling foundations.
  • Test holes will be dug to assess the quality of the soils and possible presence of water.
  • Beveled safety grades will be made around the perimeter of the new lower level foundation.
  • A construction ramp for safe, easy access will be created on the east side of the sanctuary.
  • Carefully measured soil cuts will be made for the placement of foundation pads, walls, floors.

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