Progress in Excavation, Underpinning

Excavation Activity Sculps New Sanctuary Foundation

Underpinning Work Also Happening

With demolition complete, excavation activity has proceeded rapidly.  Those driving by on Maple Road can see huge mounds of dirt.  But those mounds hide a rather large hole in the ground.  A hole that will soon provide space for the new sanctuary foundation.  At the same time, underpinning is taking place in select locations around the existing foundation.  This will ensure that new loads carried by the existing walls are up to the task.

The excavation activity is going as planned.  Moving hundreds of yards of clean backfill dirt each day, the shape of the new lower level (classrooms and fellowship hall) below the sanctuary is beginning to take shape.  Soil borings gave the excavator a good understanding of the expected conditions below ground.  But the actual dig activity is what really tells the story.  A mix of soils — from sand to clay — and a very limited amount of water (as expected) bode well for timely completion of this activity in June.  (Note: recent rainwater runoff that you may see on the construction cam is a different, more mundane issue than underground water.  This rainwater can be pumped and/or drained to maintain the project schedule.)

A complementary activity taking place prior to pouring foundations in June is underpinning the existing foundation to provide added strength.  This is necessary in a small number of locations where the existing walls and foundations will share in carrying the added load of the new sanctuary walls, trusses and roof.

You can continue to watch the work taking place on site each day by viewing the live feed from the construction cam mounted on the chapel cupola.

**** Please be extra careful to avoid the circle drive construction area during this phase of work ****

From an aerial drone, the shape of the new, wider sanctuary can be seen.

The new basement is lower than the old, providing a sloping sanctuary floor.

An excavator, slightly smaller than used for demolition, digs the southwest corner.

The dirt ramp seen here will be enhanced to allow truck traffic in June.

Huge piles of dirt obscure the front sign, already covered by the construction fence.

This dirt will be used to backfill the foundations in late July or early August.

Masonry work proceeds on the west wall of the old (and soon new) sanctuary.

More substantial covering was added to the temporary wall along the town square.

Spring showers temporarily make the excavation site look more like a pool.