What’s New This Week? 06-01-21 to 06-15-21

What's Happening June 1 - 15, 2021?

Excavation Nearly Complete. Foundations are Next.

The following work is scheduled for 06-1-21 to 06-15-21:

The excavation work necessary to prepare the site for the installation of the new sanctuary foundations is nearly complete.   A survey team from one of our engineering partners will be on site to mark the exact location of the foundations and the exact depth of the lower level.  The excavation work that remains now is making the final cuts to these precise measurements.  Excess soils, largely clay, is also being removed from the site.

While these excavation activities are taking place the existing foundations on the north end of the new sanctuary are being supported and reinforced with steel and concrete.  This is necessary in some cases to help the existing foundations support a new, larger load.  And also to reinforce and protect the existing foundations against erosion while work continues on the site.

The new work that will commence in early June is all about installing the foundations that will support the new sanctuary.  Large concrete pads that will contain an anchor bolt (eventually connected to large steel columns) will be laid in two rows, north to south, on both sides of the site.   The footings that will support the foundation walls will also be laid in June, around the west, south and east perimeter.

While the pads and footings are being installed, weather and schedule permitting, two large sump pump reservoirs will be installed along the west edge of the excavation site.  These are already on site and ready for installation.

Water that may be visible on the construction camera is largely collecting rain water that is trapped by clay and slow to soak into the surrounding soil.  We continue to be cautiously optimistic about (the lack of) ground water at the newly excavated, lower depths.

Excavation – In Final Stage

  • Carefully measured soil cuts will be made for the final placement of foundation pads, walls, floors.
  • The temporary truck ramp to the lower level will be completed and reinforced.
  • Any unnecessary soils / clay will be removed from the site.

Foundation – Work Begins

  • Underpinning (reinforcement) of existing foundations will take place on the north end of the site.
  • Installation of concrete pads with anchor bolts will commence in two rows on each side of the site.
  • Installation of reinforced concrete footings will commence around the perimeter of the site.
  • Installation of fiberglass sump pump reservoirs will commence on the west side of the site.

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