Signed Beam Installed Above Front Doors

Beam Installed Across Top of Front Porch

Beam Holds Member's Prayers, Bible Verses, Signatures

On Sunday, September 12, 2021, and for several weeks after, members of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer signed a painted beam that was to be erected in front of the new sanctuary.  On Monday, October 4, 2021 that beam was installed between the two vertical steel columns that will form the outside columns on the new porch.  Every future member and visitor will pass underneath this beam as they enter the front doors.  The large steel beam, with the words “Sacred Space 2021” centered in large type, included member’s signatures, Bible verses, best wishes and prayers for our Sacred Space.

A sky lift carefully maneuvers the steel beam through the west parking lot to the back of the church for signing at the church picnic.

The beam was placed behind the gymnasium, painted white, and inscribed with the words “Sacred Space 2021”.  Ready for signing.

The same large crane that installed steel inside the church sanctuary lifted the front porch beam up and over the front (south) wall of the church.

Communicating by radio with the crane operator, the beam is carefully lowered to two ironworkers waiting on top of each outside column.

The front porch will have it’s own gabled roof, supported by four large colonial columns, sitting in front of the narthex (front lobby).

Pedestrians and drivers on West Maple Road can now see our signed beam, “Sacred Space 2021”, perched proudly across the front of the church.