Construction Begins on Music Wing

Work Begins on Music Wing Expansion

New Rooms to be Added for Rehearsal, Storage, Robing

The music wing, which sits immediately west of the sanctuary, is being expanded.  Work began on this phase of the project over the past two weeks.  The expanded space will include:

  • A new, second rehearsal room
  • A music storage room for instruments, sheet music, music stands and other performance equipment
  • A small robing room
  • A new covered porch and exterior west entrance to the music wing and sanctuary.

The initial work involved pouring steel reinforced foundations to support steel reinforced block walls.  The foundations have all been poured and work has begun on the block walls.  The new wall that is visible on construction cam #2 is an interior hallway that leads from outside, through the middle of the expanded music wing, to the sanctuary.  Masons will complete the remaining block walls over the second half of October.  Work will then proceed in parallel with the sanctuary, including roof trusses and a finished roof.

While most of the music wing is built on slab, an HVAC chase brings ductwork from a furnace located in the adjacent lower level.

Existing windows and doors that that will now be on an inside hallway are demolished and infilled with block, which will be covered with drywall.

Masons begin to erect a block wall that will form a new music wing hallway. The outside wall of the old music wing forms the other side of the hallway.

As the music corridor wall rises in height, masons work from their portable hydraulic scaffolding.  Doors and electrical are installed along the way.

The expanded music wing will fill space south of the existing rehearsal room and west of the sanctuary, near the former location of the columbarium.

A new space is created with doors that lead to the hallway, rehearsal room and music storage room.