Work on New Balcony Begins

Balcony Begins to Take Shape

Steel decking, concrete floor, tiered steps installed

Steel for the new balcony was erected September 30 and October 1.  Over the following two weeks the balcony really began to take shape as steel decking was added, over which concrete was poured to form the sloping balcony floor.  The balcony, which holds over 100 worshippers (and the audio visual booth), is sloped to provide the same great sight lines, from the front row to the back row.  

Once the concrete floor was poured, the tradespeople built wooden forms to create six levels or tiers that hold six rows of pews.  When you walk up to the balcony from either staircase, you enter on the level of an aisle that runs across the full length of the balcony.  You then step up to one of three rows of pews above this aisle, or step down, to one of three rows of pews below this aisle.

Beyond providing far more seating than the old balcony, the worship experience will be more engaging as one will now sit much closer to the chancel (location of the altar, pulpit, etc.)  With safety cables in place we were finally able to “sit in the balcony” and fully appreciate the design of the new balcony (see photos below.)  In addition to being closer to the chancel, the balcony is taller, which also enhances the sight lines.  The six new windows can be fully appreciated from the balcony.

The two steel staircases will be installed during the second half of October, which will provide those attending construction tours on Sunday, October 31, the opportunity to see the new balcony for themselves.

The steel framework for the new balcony was installed at the end of September.

Once the steel was bolted and welded in place, steel decking (flooring) was added.

A pump truck brought concrete to the balcony, which was spread across the decking.

Wooden forms were built so a second concrete pour could build the pew tiers.

Initially, three levels or tiers were formed and poured.

This is the view from the back of the balcony, looking towards the front.

There is a balcony window at the top of each staircase.

A second concrete pour will create the final configuration of six pew levels.

The view from the front of the balcony, looking forward towards the chancel.