Spray Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls

Energy Efficient Spray Foam to Wrap Church

Spray foam fills awkward cracks and crevices.

Starting with the west wall of the sanctuary, visible on construction cam #2, workers have begun spraying the block walls with spray foam.  A passerby on West Maple Road might believe we have decided to paint the church yellow, but this is simply the insulation layer that sits between the steel reinforced block wall and the exterior finish brick.

While rigid insulation panels were used on the below-grade foundation walls, all the above-grade exterior walls are being sprayed with insulation foam.  This foam goes on wet, expands to fill all the cracks and crevices, and dries to a hard finish.  This style of insulation creates an envelope around the entire building providing benefits ranging from energy efficiency, to noise reduction to allergy/moisture/mold protection.

The process will take several (rain-free) days as the workers carefully mask around windows and doors, working from a portable hydraulic platform to reach the higher elevations on the sanctuary walls.  Once the foam insulation is applied, masons can begin laying the traditional Redeemer red brick.

The spray insulation dries hard to the touch.  The brick ties, embedded in the block, protrude from the insulation.

The metal flashing around the church windows is carefully masked with blue tape.

An (orange) lift bucket, attached to a portable lift, allows workers to safely spray the higher elevations.

Masons fix rigid insulation board above each window (right) while another lift readies spray foam (left).

The foam, which goes on one color and dries another, is only sprayed when wind conditions are acceptable.

Electrical conduit (right) previously fixed to the block walls is covered by the layer of insulation foam.

The spray foam reaches the brick flashing (bottom) below which is the (white and green) rigid insulation board.

Masons use the metal brick ties, which span the insulation layer, to connect the block wall and the finish brick.

New rigid foam board was placed below grade around the office wing.  The boards will be trimmed to grade level.