Framing of Children’s Classrooms Begins

Walls Framed in Lower Level

Metal Studs Mark Locations of Six New Classrooms, Fellowship Hall

Out of sight from either construction cam, work has begun constructing the walls that form the rooms in the lower level, including six new children’s classrooms.  Trades people carefully measured and marked the location of the classrooms and fellowship hall that are directly below the sanctuary.  Metal tracks are first fixed to both the ceiling and floor.  Then vertical metal studs are installed which form the wall structure on which sheet rock will be hung.  The rough plumbing, for bathrooms and sinks within the classrooms, was previously installed below the concrete floors.

A view down the extra-wide, main classroom hallway, with three rooms on each side.

Wall tracks are visible on both the floor and ceiling.  Rough plumbing (white) is visible in each room.

Vertical studs connect the carefully measured tracks on the floor and ceiling, assuring a plumb (vertical) wall.

The large opening (left) separates the fellowship hall and the children’s classrooms.

A steel reinforced opening in the foundation wall provides an HVAC duct chase to the music wing.

An ironworker welds steel around the foundation opening between the furnace room and music wing.

ADA compliant ramps connect the various levels below grade.

A corridor runs through the center of the six children’s classrooms.

The fellowship halls takes shape.  Resource center is back right.