What’s New This Week? 11-01-21 to 11-15-21

What's Happening November 1 - 15, 2021?

Block Walls Complete; Masons Turn to Laying Red Brick.

Masons have now built all the block walls for the new sanctuary and music wing expansion.  Only a small gable on the south end of the music wing remains to be built with block.  As such, the same team of masons will now turn their attention to laying the “Redeemer” red brick around the sanctuary.  This brick work has just begun on the west wall of the sanctuary (see construction cam #2.)   The block walls were first sprayed with an insulating foam.  The finish bricks are then laid with a roughly 2″ air pocket between the brick and insulating foam.  The detailed brick work around the sanctuary windows is just begining to take shape (see gallery photos below.)

In addition to the masons, the carpenters are continuing to frame interior rooms with metal stud and metal door frames.  The work in the lower level (children’s classrooms, fellowship hall, resource center, bridal lounge, bathrooms and storage rooms) is nearly complete.  They will then turn their attention to rooms on the main level (town square, sacristy, chancel, music wing, storage rooms.)   Some of this main level work will not be completed until the roof trusses are installed.  The trusses are currently being fabricated and as such there is no firm date on their delivery and installation.

Other notable accomplishments these past two weeks include:

  • Foundations for the relocated columbarium on the east side of the sanctuary were poured
  • Both sets of balcony stairs (steel frame and concrete) were installed in the narthex (front lobby)
  • All upper level balcony concrete work was completed, including all aisles, pew tiers and AV booth
  • Foundations for the remaining door porches were poured (the front porch had been done previously)
  • The excavation, waterproofing and backfill of the office wing south wall was completed
  • The floors and ramps in the new music wing rooms were poured.



Complete Block Walls and Gable for Music Wing Expansion

Begin Laying Finish Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Beginning with the west sanctuary wall, lay Redeemer red brick

Complete Spray Insulation on All Exterior Block Walls

  • Apply spray-on insulation on front (south) wall of sanctuary.
  • Apply spray-on insulation on new music wing block walls.

Continue Electrical Work on Main Level

  • Embed all electrical conduit and boxes required in block walls.
  • Includes all wall outlets, switches, exit signs, etc.

Continue Installation of Metal Studs for Interior Rooms

  • Complete framing for various lower level rooms (classrooms, fellowship hall, resource center.)
  • Begin installing metal frames on main level of sanctuary (sacristy, storage rooms, et al.)

Install HVAC Duct Work in Lower Level




Construction Gallery

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