Masons Begin Laying Sanctuary Red Brick

Masons Lay Very First Course of Red Brick

New Church Follows Traditional Redeemer Aesthetic

On October 27, 2021, masons carefully measured and laid the first course (layer) of bricks along the west foundation wall of the new sanctuary.  Work then proceeded around to the front (south) wall of the church. The red bricks follow the design detailed by the architects (see examples of windows and front door, here.)  

The bricks rest on the steel reinforced, poured concrete foundations.  The brick “wall” connects to the block wall via metal brick ties that were previously embedded in the block wall.  In between the block and brick is a layer of foam insulation as well as a small air pocket.  Waterproofing material wraps the bottom layer of red brick.  A metal flashing protrudes every so slightly just above grade level.

As the masons worked their way up the wall over the first few days, the detailed brick work around the sanctuary windows became evident.  Each of the six large sanctuary windows is entirely outlined in brick.  At the bottom of the window are several rows of bricks laid out in a ‘soldiers course’ (bricks laid standing on end, with the narrow edge facing out).

The masons will continue this finish brick work for many weeks, weather permitting.

Drone photography captures the initial red brick along the west wall of the new sanctuary .

The last block wall (left, music wing) is completed as the first red brick is laid (right) along the sanctuary.

Three courses of (below grade) red brick wrap from the west wall to the south (front) wall.

The final grade will be around two brick layers below the barely visible, thin metal flashing.

The detailed brick design around each sanctuary window is now becoming evident.

Brick on the front wall sits in front of rigid insulation board.  Insulating foam is needed before the wall is completed.

Masons use the same mobile hydraulic scaffold they used to construct the block walls.

After all the brick is laid, the finished walls will be cleaned (etched) for a uniform appearance.

Work will continue on the west wall the week of November 1, 2021.