What’s New This Week? 11-16-21 to 11-30-21

What's Happening November 16 - 30, 2021?

Red Brick Installed. "It's beginning to look like a church!"

With all block walls completed and sprayed with insultation the team of masons has been laying the “Redeemer” red brick around the sanctuary.  Work on the west wall is now complete, as well as the southwest corner at the front of the new sanctuary.  The masons have already shifted their attention to the east wall.  This work will be plainly visible on the chapel construction cam.  Once the east wall is complete, they will return to the front wall and complete the center section around the new front doors.

In addition to the masons, the carpenters are continuing to frame interior rooms with metal stud and metal door frames.  The work in the lower level (children’s classrooms, fellowship hall, resource center, bridal lounge, bathrooms and storage rooms) is complete.  They are now working on rooms on the main level.  The metal furring (hat channels) to which the drywall will be attached is complete around the perimeter of the sanctuary.  Work now is focused on interior walls in the narthex, town square expansion, sacristy, chancel and storage rooms.

The last remaining steel that forms the roof of the expanded music wing will be installed during the second half of November.  Large steel beams and metal decking will cover the new rehearsal room.  Beams will also be extended into a portion of the existing music wing.  This extra load bearing capability is required to support roof top HVAC units.  The entire music wing will be fed with new, forced warm air (replacing the old single room wall unit.)

The trusses are currently being fabricated and we expect the first batch to be completed and shipped to Redeemer before Thanksgiving.  Then clips will be installed as necessary along the top of the block walls and steel beams.  Installation of the trusses will take place, via crane, from the north end beginning with the town square extension.  Truss installation will then move south, along the length of the sanctuary.  Each of the triangular truss sets is comprised of two to four pieces each.  The trusses are spaced approximately 2′ apart.  This is the structure that will then support the roof (plywood and shingles.)



Continue Laying Finish Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Continue work on the east wall of the sanctuary (prayer garden side)
  • Complete center section of the south (front) wall of the sanctuary
  • Weather and schedule permitting, begin work on the expanded music wing

Continue Electrical Work on Main, Lower Level and Music Wing

  • Install all electrical conduit and boxes required in metal stud walls.
  • Includes all wall outlets, switches, exit signs, etc.

Continue Framing Metal Stud Walls for Interior Rooms

  • Continue work on main level of sanctuary (narthex, sacristy, organ chamber, storage rooms, et al.)

Install Steel Beams and Metal Decking Above Music Wing

Install HVAC Duct Work in Lower Level

Install Fire Supression System in Lower Level




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