Steeple Cross Preserved Prior to Demolition

Steeple Cross Preserved Prior to Demolition

Cross Now on Display in Redeemer Sanctuary

Monday morning, April 5, 2021, the cross that sits atop the spire on the Redeemer steeple was retrieved and preserved prior to demolition.  At 7:59 a.m., Easter Monday, the cross was brought down on a 100 foot lift and presented to Senior Pastor, Randy Schlak.  Members gathered to watch in the west parking lot and on the east chapel steps as the cross made it’s descent.

The cross, the orb it sits upon and the very top section of the spire will be on display in the sanctuary for the next few Sundays and will be available for family photographs.  Sign-up for worship here.

Then the cross and orb will find their way to our Redeemer courtyard where they will become a permanent garden feature.  (And wouldn’t it be great to see the old steeple cross as part of the processional the Sunday we dedicate our new sanctuary!)

Later this year, around Thanksgiving, when the new steeple is erected, a new cross will be dedicated and lifted into place atop the new spire.  The new steeple will be an all-weather replica of the existing Redeemer steeple.  Wood rot on the existing steeple was clearly evident when the same lift that lowered the cross lowered the 16 urns that surrounded the steeple on three levels.



Shortly before 8:00 a.m., April 4, 2021, the steeple cross is lifted off the spire.

The lift operators retrieve and return the cross to Senior Pastor, Randy Schlak.

The crew then sets about retrieving the decorative urns from the steeple.

Pastor Randy, Vicar Jimmy and Rewold Superintendent, Jerry Seelbach, display one of the urns.

Redeemer members that watched from the west parking lot gather around Vicar Jimmy and the steeple cross.

More Redeemer members in the west parking lot.

A few of the members that gathered in front of the chapel.

Later, the balance of the copper covered spire was disassembled.

The steeple cross is ready for your photograph this Sunday after worship!

Work will continue this week on the remainder of the steeple.