What’s New This Week? 04-16-21 to 04-30-21

What's Happening April 16 - 30, 2021?

The latest construction updates.

The following work is scheduled for 04-16-21 to 04-30-21:

We are about to reach the first major milestone on our journey to renovate and rejuvenate our Sacred Space.  The makeover of the professional office corridor is nearly complete.  Over the next few days the ministry team will return to their renovated offices and the front office staff and senior pastor will occupy their new offices.  

This in turn will allow final preparations (asbestos remediation, utility shut-offs) to occur in the abandoned spaces so that major demolition work may proceed on the sanctuary late in the week of April 19.  Before major demolition can occur final steps will be taken to complete the necessary utility work and then completely “separate” the two sections of the building, “old” and “new”.  


Office Renovation:

  • Complete installation of tile and fixtures in bathrooms
  • Complete installation of center work table, cabinetry and counters in new work room
  • Switchover all Internet / network services to the new lower level IT room
  • Move the front office staff and work room to their new space
  • Move the senior pastor to his new space
  • Move the entire ministry team to their renovated space

Demolition Preparation

  • Complete separation of all utilities (electrical, fire suppression, gas, low voltage, etc.)
  • Complete asbestos remediation (tile removal) in the abandoned offices and hallways
  • Install temporary shoring supports as necessary on the boundary of “old” and “new”
  • Separate the roof, walls and supporting members between the “old” and “new” building
  • Complete the upgrade and relocation of the elevator equipment (lower level)


  • Begin demolition of the old sanctuary with excavator equipment (expected end of week of April 19)
  • Sort and remove debris from site
  • Rinse and Repeat

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